Lieber Thomas (Brasch)

Production Overview

Project: Lieber Thomas (2021) FBW
Director: Andreas Kleinert
Client: LavaLabs moving.images
VFX Supervisor: Patrick Busse, Rolf Mütze
Authors: Thomas Wendrich
Film distributor: Wild Bunch Germany
Production: Zeitsprung Pictures, NDR; BR; WDR; ARTE G.E.I.E.;

Role: Digital Matte Painter
Software used: Photoshop, Maya

Recreating the old DDR Berlin – and adding a cute parade of 3D \”Trabbis\”!

The task was to first clean up the plate and remove the huge construction site, recreating the buildings and elements that were covered. For that purpose, I made a quick setup in Maya to have a proper visual guide of the perspective. Then the DDR buildings had to be brought back, the trees cut down in size and years – and a group of parking 3D Trabbi cars brought in to get the DDR feeling right.



Adding some original DDR \”Trabbis\”


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